Ollie Rogerson completed a great season by taking the record 'Most Runs in a Season for a junior player' in his final Second Team appearance. But for a run out the following day, batting for the Thirds, Ollie may have crept over the thousand run mark. His 996 runs, however, still represent a remarkable season and do not include the century he scored for the Staffs Dev. team earlier in the summer.

Ollie takes the 968 record set by Will Weston in 2014. Will's record came in his final year as junior. Ollie, as an U-13 player, has four more years to break his own record and exceed the 1000 run barrier but watch out Ollie, there are some other pretty impressive juniors also looking for this record.


Josh Reynolds has once again taken the lead in junior achievement by setting a very impressive junior record. The ' Most wickets in a season for an U-14 player - all teams' has Josh's name on it. His 51 wickets for the club in 2018 is one short of the overall junior bowling record set by Lewis Moulton in 2013. Lewis, now a First teamer with Moddershall, will fear for his record as Josh sets his stall to break the record in the three years he has left as an Endon junior.

Josh has, however, smashed the Second Team record with a hugely impressive forty wickets this season, making him the leading junior wicket taker in the Seconds history. The record, however, as many former junior bowlers might contend, is partly a result of opportunity and so Josh owes some of his record to forward-thinking attitude of his captain, Andy Hopwood.

Josh will inevitably be looking to beat the Firsts' record for a junior bowler that, for the moment, is owned by George Sellers, who spun his way to 17 wickets in 2014.


The Firsts completed their season with another superb 25 point victory over third place Crewe at a cold Post Lane ground getting ready for its winter rest. The result gave captain, Marlon Martin, a new club record for percentage of wins in a given season. Jason Morrison, in his farewell match, deservedly hit another century, the first on home turf in his 1000 run season. Ten sixes from the Aussie's prolific bat caused some panic in the end-of-season clubhouse as the stock of balls dwindled rapidly. The Endon batting performance also benefitted from a welcome return to form for Will Weston as he shocked his teammates with three sixes in an unbeaten 31 ball fifty before the home side declared on a hefty 238 total. The visiting Crewe outfit did their bit in continuing the entertainment with an aggressive reponse from Martin Dawson. Martin's 18 ball sixty contributed further to the dearth of cricket balls resulting in some imaginative searching. But with his fall off the bowling of Jason Morrison, Endon's bowlers regained their normal dominance. The Crewe team further impressed with a very sporting guard of honour for the Divisional champions as they assumed their fielding positions. While we all hear about and experience some disappointing behaviour from other teams, Crewe restored some faith in the true spirit of cricket and we thank and laud them for it.


A big thank you to Jason Morrison as he returns home to Mildura with 1087 runs and 31 wickets to his name. Endon CC wish Jason and fiance' Sam all the best.

Welcome return to form for Will Weston against Crewe. Well worth the train journey up from London on Saturday morning


Seconds finished their season on high note with a twenry-five point victory at Leigh, finishing just ten points shy of a promotion place. In a low-scoring match, Dan Shelley once again proved his worth with 38 runs and a six-wicket haul. His final effort of the season gave him a final total of 46 wickets for both first and second teams proving what a flexible asset he is to the club. Steve Jodrell, back to his best, knocked over the remaining wickets for a very frugal fifteen runs.

Andy Hopwood can look back on a very successful captaincy that not only saw his junior-friendly side compete for promotion but also supplied key personnel for the First's successful championship campaign. He will undoubtedly be looking for a more consistent selection next season and will have his sights firmly focused on a promotion year. As the junior members of the side broaden their shoulders and develop their talent, Andy can look forward to reaping a reward for his developmental work on and off the field.





Dan Shelley, 6 for 38 at Leigh





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