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Purchasing the second field via ECB and private loans has been a strain on the club's financial resources. The cost, at £26,000, has been a serious investment in Endon's future. 2015 sees the last payment on the purchase. With the development of the artificial track, the purchase of a mobile net and the landscaping and reseeding programme that have all recentlyoccured, the investment now exceeds £40,000.

The project will become a bespoke facility for junior, ladies and possibly, when the clubhouse can accommodate it, disabled cricket The new facility takes the strain off the main square and provides much-needed additional playing capacity.

The field has also given us a much safer environment by providing a new and more convenient parking solution and an entrance away from a dangerous bend. It has also allowed the club to make way for a footpath that can be used by the community as a safer passage for pedestrians walking by the club. However, parking in the future will need to be more tightly controlled so that the new surface is not damaged.

The original schematic (left) does not include the flexibilty that has been introduced by removing the old bank and levelling the two playing surfaces to each other. The removal of a bank is possibly an aethetically negative move but the old arguments of form vs function saw a decision favouring the pragmatic. It is now possible to increase the playing area of both fields by simply adjusting a boundary rope. The development makes it feasible to have the longest boundary at Endon to about 80m if so desired.