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Endon CC Girls Team 2009

Girl's Team from 2009 Captained by Beth Blackshaw

Girls have the choice, under advice, of training with the boys groups or with the Ladies on a Friday Night.

Girls’ cricket at Endon normally begins with a school experience which leads into club cricket. The club actively encourages its feeder Primary Schools to use the clubs facilities for inter-school tournaments and mixed-sex and single sex teams are encouraged.

Once the girls have developed an interest in the sport they can join the club where they can then progress from the Kwik Cricket format to a full cricket experience. Training is generally organised in mixed-sex sessions in the younger age groups but the club would like to develop girls-only sessions beyond Year Seven. This is not to preclude the more advanced girls from training with boy’s squads should they wish or from becoming key members of boys’ teams. Beth Blackshaw, our very-promising girl junior, is testament to this policy, as the Under-15s set out on this year’s campaign with her talents very much in their plans.

Girls’ teams are invariably limited by numbers. As the girls grow older these low numbers diminish even further and Endon, like many other clubs, is faced with five or six girls who would love to play the game but struggle to get a full team around them.

Endon’s attempt to answer this problem in 2012 is to use the very successful Kwik cricket Ladies team as a vessel to carry the girls forward. It is hoped that some of the Ladies will take up the hardball option and supplement and support the girls in any matches we can arrange. The girls will also be included, where possible, in the Kwik cricket fixtures.

The club strongly believes that if female cricketers have the option of the softball game over its hardball equivalent, the game will not only attract more participants but will also be able to retain them. Any policy in this direction, however, must also look to encourage progression toward the hardball game where that oppotunity arises.