Remembering past players or contributors to the club who have passed away is very important and Endon Cricket Club would like to encourage this as much as possible by offering a range of memorial options for relatives or friends to create a lasting tribute.

Obituary profiles

The website will offer the opportunity for individuals to create a website page entirely dedicated to a deceased person with a record of their lives and photographs if the contributor so wishes. These pages are without charge. (Please click here to see an example)

Memorial benches

The club will in the near future choose a bench design that suits the environment and adds aesthetic value. These benches will eventually replace existing seating so that the club’s external furniture will be consistent in all parts of the estate. (Benches which have already been donated as memorials will, if possible, be conserved)

Friends and relations of deceased members will be able to purchase these benches as memorials with dedications engraved into attached brass plates or modern equivalents.


In the future it may be possible to sponsor the planting of a tree as a way of remembering a loved one. The field that runs parallel to the club is being returned to natural English woodland and may present opportunities for such tribute-planting.