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Long-term we are aiming to have a gated facility which will protect the facility from misuse and the net-nibbling rabbit population..

The nets may end up costing as much as £30,000 so it is vital that they are looked after. Gating will mean that there will be no unsupervised activity. This will not only conserve the equipment it will also ensure safe usage.

We have made a short-term provision in the construction of an artificial track that combines with a mobile net to offer a high standard practice facility. The club also hires indoor facilities to maintian the level of practice required by our ambitious and highly-committed players.

If and when we do generate the funds for this project there is a serious question of loction to be discussed. That discussion may need to be put on the agenda sooner than later so that current development does not impede the construction of the nets at a later time.

Example of a well-protected net facility