Keith Meadowcroft D. Morrey
T. Martin 1930s
W. McDonald
K. Meadowcroft
E. Molineux 1930s
G.N. Mellor
M. Morkel
D. Morrey
R. Morris
Lewis Moulton Endon CC H. Needham Nicholson J
L. Moulton
H. Needham
R. Needham
J. Nicholson
R. Norcup
P. Norris
A. Oakes
M. Oldfield
R. Owen            



Full Name if possible

  • Date of birth
  • Date of death (if applicable)
  • Period (s) of involvement with the club (this information does not have to be accurate - a general idea will suffice)
  • Cricketing achievements for the club i.e best batting, best bowling, role in the team etc
  • Cricketing achievements for other teams
  • Services for the club i.e coaching, maintenance, committee work, social organisation, bar work etc
  • Services to cricket in general i.e. umpiring, scoring, league administration etc
  • Most admired opponent (s) - please state the reasons for the choice
  • Favourite ground - again state the reasons for your choice
  • Memories or stories relating to the club
  • A tribute from a fellow club player or member
  • Selection of photographs. A photograph of the former player is a priority but any images relating to the club will be gratefully recieved. If you are unable to send them electronically please email me to arrange for a scanning session.

(Please do not worry if you can not complete all the above or that you can only submit information in note form. I will edit the material if you wish it)