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Here we are again. A new exciting season is underway. Lots of practice, lots of matches and, we hope lots of sunshine.

Welcome to all our junior members. We hope you have a great season.

From this page you are able to:

  • look at junior squads and see your name
  • look at fixtures and see all your matches for the season
  • find out lots of things about your coaches
  • get loads of tips and advice
  • view action pictures of your friends and maybe yourself
  • write your own match reports and see them published

Parents take a very important role at Endon and we are always looking for ways to get more of you involved and better equipped to encourage your child's progress in our sport.

Many parents have now taken up positions in the club as officials, as coaches and as other key volunteers. It is our aim to make Endon a haven for junior cricket and then to reap the benefit in our senior teams.

This process has already moved toward fruition. We have many juniors representing county and district sides who, along with our other top youngsters are knocking on the door to the senior changing rooms.

The PARENTS' page should give you all the information you need. Please tell us if there is anything missing .