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Endon Cricket Club actively supports school cricket

Teacher contact: Ms. Lewis 01782 502 645

Parent link: Andy Knowles 07866673916

Primary Schools
We see our local primary schools as the lifeblood of the club. The vast majority of our young players have gained their first experiences of cricket on the playing fields of Endon Hall, Greenways, St.Annes and St.Lukes, and we recognise the huge importance of teachers and parents who initiate this early interest in the game that eventually bears fruit in the club and county junior programmes that follow. Our thanks go to these very important individuals.

With the great importance of Primary Schools in mind, Endon seeks to further develop already productive relationships. The club policy regarding the local primary schools is to offer as much support as possible both within the schools themselves and at the club.

We offer an open door policy where, if possible, we accommodate any school activity on our grounds and in our clubhouse. In the next year or two we aim to offer a bespoke junior playing facility on our newly-purchased upper field to all our feeder schools. The facility will include an artificial wicket and obviously changing room and toilet facilities in the clubhouse. The clubhouse may also be used as a base for nature projects that schools may wish to participate in at later date.

Andy Knowles

Schools Liaison

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Teacher contact: Mrs. Dean 01782 235333 

Parent link: Gayl Nixon


Teacher contact: Mrs. Hall 01782 503 102

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Teacher contact :Mr. Rushton 01782 502369

Parent links: Jean Snape, Mark Hatcher


Teacher contact: Mr. Legomski (01782) 502240

Parent link: Jon Weston 07870168018

It is hoped, that in the near future, more support can be offered on the premises of the four schools themselves. With so many former pupils coming up to the age where they can take their coaching qualifications there may be an opportunity to get these individuals back to their old schools and, under the school’s direction, promote the game to new generations. This self-sustaining cycle, we very much hope will help to turn Endon, Stanley, Brown Edge and Stockton Brook into an area recognised for the production of young cricketers as well as the encouragement of  general sports’ participation.

Staffordshire Cricket Board is currently instituting a scheme called “Chance to Shine” where well-qualified coaches go into the schools to promote cricket. We hope this involvement will generate even more interest in the future. Friday nights at the club already have up to seventy young people participating in the numerous training sessions and it is hoped that these numbers are both sustained and increased in the future.


Our relationship with Endon High School continues to grow. With so many young and talented players populating both Key Stage 3 and 4 we wish to see this relationship flourish even further. Endon High has already joined inter-school competitions enjoying  a good degree of success winning the U-14 Area Cup in 2011.

School matches are now regularly played at the club where the facilities attract parental spectatorship and offer playing surfaces conducive to high-quality cricket. It is our hope that the school will take advantages of its well-trained and talented youngsters by further involving itself in available inter-school competition and continue to make use of the club's facilities.

If other schools in the Endon vicinity wish to take advantage of the clubs open policy please contact the club via CONTACTS